Our Creams are not Simple Creams. They are Real Vibrational Remedies.

Ti accorgerai che in un particolare momento della Tua Vita un Prodotto potrebbe Attirati Più di un Altro…
quella Sarà la Tua Crema, il Prodotto Perfetto per Te, un Vero Rimedio per Anima e Corpo!

Creme 5 elementi



No Preservatives in Our Creams, nor any Ingredients harmful to your skin. Only Aromatic Waters Distilled from us, Precious Vegetable Oils, Pure Essential Oils… and Nothing Else. A Guarantee for you of an Effective Product that Helps Your Skin to Regain a Renewed Vitality. Ingredients of Vegetal derivation to 100% from Certified Organic Cultivation, or from Aware and Guaranteed Spontaneous Collection.


Each of Our Products contains a Message Created Specifically for You. While Applying the Cream on Your Face and Body, take some Time to Savour this Moment and Recite Aloud the Message that the Product Wants to Bring You. This will be of Great Help to make Your Life More Enjoyable and Fulfilling.


Our Creams are a “Real Food” for Your Skin which can be filled up with Nutrients, Vitamins, Antioxidants and Beneficial Substances making it Luminous, Elastic and Totally Renewed. We like saying that Our Cosmetics are so Pure that You Could Eat Them!

We recommend…

For a Complete Treatment, we suggest you to Match the Cream to one of Our Vibrational Floral Essences, choosing the one best suited to You or simply letting you Drive by Your own Instincts.
Your Body will know exactly what it Needs. Nebulize Your Vibrational Water on your Face; Then Apply the Face Cream on your Skin still Moist.
The greater the amount of Essence you’ll spray and the more Your Cream will be Fluid and Moisturizing.
This will make Your Skin Bright and Revitalized.

Did you know that…

Our Cosmetics are Created to Ensure personalized treatments which can be adjusted to your individual needs.
Should you need any more advice, please contact us!
We will be happy to make your acquaintance and we will do our best to help you.