From the deep knowledge of natural elements, the benefits of nature, of the powerful healing and rejuvenating qualities inherent in every person, Irina and Mariano have conceived a methodology based on Love, Respect and Joy.

The interaction of health, beauty, regeneration and renewal will make you fall in love with the awareness of being the essence of this encounter.

Cosmetics with the Soul

Some plants grow better in their original environment than in a garden. It is there that they can best develop the substances of which they are rich. For this reason, we collect many spontaneous plants, in the valleys and meadows of the Grappa massif from 700 up to 1,800 meters in height. We do it with great foresight: we never collect all the plants present in a meadow and we always change the places of harvest. In doing so we preserve the natural heritage and at the same time we have enough flowers and plants.



    Our cosmetics are wise associations of:

    • Vibrational floral essences, our production.
    • Precious cold-pressed organic vegetable oils.
    • Extracts of our herbs and flowers in organic extra virgin olive oil.
    • Extremely pure essential oils.
    • Emulsifiers of natural origin.


    Our formulations live on the high quality of natural raw materials and the accuracy with which they grew and were worked.

    The few plants that do not grow spontaneously are cultivated in our land near our home. The agricultural practices we daily adopt respect the vital processes of the land where life manifests itself with an impressive richness and variety, just think that in a cubic centimeter of soil, millions and millions of microorganisms operate. In this way we give the soil even more than what we take. In our cosmetics the ingredients are combined to form articulated compositions that are much more than the sum of their components. Only thanks to the synergy and the support given by the rhythmic production processes, our products receive all the extraordinary properties with which they stimulate the skin own activities.

    Since your skin can feed and renew itself just using its own strength, our cosmetics does not subtract these tasks, on the contrary, it helps it to regain its balance.

  • Naturalness


    When we work on a formulation we think mainly of children’s sensitive skin, we always keep in mind the substance and the process, and in so doing the specificity of the human being and of the plant are preserved. Just so the finished products acquire that holistic dimension that is addressed to the person in its entirety.

    We are one of the few companies whose products are loved precisely because we do not develop them for markets but for human beings.

    In our laboratory we scrupulously follow the rhythms of the cosmos processing our formulations only when the moon cycle is favorable to the quality and the preservation of the products. In all our cosmetics you will find extracts of fresh plants directly from our crops. The spring water contained in our cosmetics is always aromatic water, extracted from herbs and flowers and then enriched with precious soluble components.

They are used to moisturize, tone and refresh the skin. They also remove impurities, without dosing limits.

If you learn to appreciate the sincerity of fragrance and the intensity of consistency you will love them forever!

They are prepared so close to nature that for all phases, from harvest to preparation, we look at the biodynamic calendarstrong>. We create our products when the position of the planets enhances the quality and preservability of the product. That’s why it takes so much patience and courage.
We follow the ancient philosophy of the herbalists, according to which the skin is an organ of the body which must be fed and hydrated with food and herbs that are grown from our Land and are governed by our Sky.