Your Child’s Skin is extremely Delicate, and we know that you want Only the Best for Him.

Redness, Itching, Irritations?
Would you like to have a truly Pure, Preservative-Free Product that Respects the Delicate Balance of Your Baby’s Skin?
For You and Your Child we have created a Product which is really Unique!

We want only the best for You and Your Child.

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Active ingredients

Active ingredients

  • Hyperic Oleolite (macerated oil): soothing and decongestant
  • Hazelnut oil: nourishing and softening
  • Extra Virgin olive oil: softnening to the skin
  • Siberian cedar oil: skin rejuvenating, elasticizing
  • Sea Buckthorn oil: skin rejuvenating
  • Sorbus aucuparia extract: contrasting skin irritations
  • Oak extract: disinfectant and anti-inflammatory
Tangible results

Tangible results

from the earliest applications. Mothers using Holy Baby Oil for their children are satisfied because they soon notice considerable benefits on the skin of their little baby. Holy Baby absorbs easily, it softens and nourishes the skin and relieves annoying redness, itching and irritation.
Holy Baby Oil is preservative-free

Holy Baby Oil is preservative-free

We want to guarantee you and your child a very natural product! Just pure organic vegetable oils, cold-squeezed… to cuddle your skin and help it stay well day after day.