Regeneration, renewal, beauty and health are put together.

It is an extract of the gifts of nature chosen through the millennial wisdom transmitted by the ancient herbalist masters, to revitalize and fortify you, giving you wellness to your body, soul and mind.



Its composition with sea-buckthorn oil, cedar oil, extract of rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia), extract of oak and oil of Hypericum perforatum makes Oleum Repair an effective preparation for beauty, energy and health.


We say repairer because it can readjust any skin unbalance (wounds, cuts, burns, insect bites, psoriasis, skin lesions of any nature) and re-establish our cutaneous equilibrium. It also protects skin from any hazard likely to undermine its uniformity.


The components of Oleum Repair have been chosen on the basis of scientific and empirical studies in depth by Dr. Mariano Bressan and the Paracelsian Naturopath Irina Bressan, together with the examination of the most severe judge: our body!
  • Sea-buckthorn oil

    Sea-buckthorn oil

    It is the symbol of vitality because it lives and strengthens even with little nourishment! The basic element of its growth is the sun: it manages to grasp all its benefits thus becoming protective and repairer since it favors the natural exchange of energies within the skin.
  • Wild Siberian cedar oil

    Wild Siberian cedar oil

    A veritable mine of mineral salts and vitamins, in particular vitamin C, it has digestive, antioxidant and stimulant properties and is very useful against cellulite.
  • Extract of rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia)

    Extract of rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia)

    Since time immemorial the pulp of the fruits once reached the full maturation has been used to obtain detergent and toning masks for the face for skin freshness maintenance and for its rebalance due to any irritations.
  • Extract of oak

    Extract of oak

    The botanical genus ‘Quercus’ literally means “beautiful tree” (Celtic translation), while the species that defines the common oak (Robur) indicates “strength”, an adjective suitable to express the strength of the plant. Its astringent, antiseptic and cicatrizing properties make it fundamental in the process of skin regeneration. The “Youth” and the vigor of the gems that are found on its branches and used in our Oleum Repair, are particularly intense which enhance our oil benefits.
  • Oil of Hypericum Perforatum

    Oil of Hypericum Perforatum

    Called St. John’s wort, it is the herb with which the Benedictine Monks of St. John cured wounds and healed cuts of soldiers during the battles since the eleventh century A.D. References can be found also in the Naturalis Historia of Pliny the Elder (I century B.C.). It has always been considered as “reinvigorating” of the body and its most precious armor, the skin, as well as of the soul for its important anti-depressive properties. This natural richness, in addition to its curative characteristics, is a product of beauty!

Thanks to the important properties of its components, Oleum Repair is the fundamental element to improve the balance of our skin.
It can improve skin beauty (such as dryness, cellulite, psoriasis, stretch marks) as well as solve sudden and momentary more severe states (burns, insect bites, cracks, wounds, bruises).

Associating a vibrational floral essence derived from herbs with oil considerably enhances its properties and guarantees that revitalizing effect that will exalt well-being and beauty. The process of distillation of spring water takes place within 24 hours to allow the water itself to absorb all the beneficial information of the plants. The choice of water to be associated with Oleum Repair is based on the characteristics of the person who will use it.
When you apply Oleum Repair associated to the floral vibrational essence you chose while listening to your intuition, on face and neck every evening, your skin will be more and more elastic, renewed and regenerated thanks to the revitalization process: you’ll be invigorated externally and inwardly. It is the life cycle: what is outside reflects what is inside, and vice versa! Oleum Repair will be your Emergency Surgery in all cases of momentary alteration of your skin, your trusted ally in all improvement and reparative processes regarding the beauty and care of your skin.
Spontaneous nature

Spontaneous nature

In the natural preparations of Ecobiolab Galenico you will have at your fingertips all the properties of spontaneous nature, expression of the Grappa massif, together with the effectiveness of the workmanship of herbalists’ ancient philosophy and the advanced techniques Of the Puzzlekey method.
Energy protection

Energy protection "Lifesaver"

It helps to keep the products intact both in their own structure and in their Vital Frequency. Every stage of the processing and the packaging is aimed at preserving intact all the characteristics that with care and commitment we have obtained from nature.
Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Our Oleum Repair is the result of research and thorough scientific studies by Irina Bressan (Paracelsian naturopathic kinesiologist) and Dr. Mariano Bressan (herbalist and pharmacist), expert in nature and characteristics of the oil of St. John’s Wort since he studied it extensively in his master thesis.