• Silvia, 49 years old

    L’OLEUM REPAIR is a multipurpose product for a lot of skin issues. Personally, I love it: with a single expense you can do a little of everything, and it is a good savings in terms of both economic and space.

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  • Ilaria, 28 years old

    I have a passion for oils in general. It is a product that I particularly like, both on the face and on the body.

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  • Marta, 28 years old

    Oleum REPAIR is excellent for the skin of my child. It stands out for its countless properties: it is soothing, prevents and treats the redness. I bought it because a colleague of mine recommended it to me against bites of mosquitoes, and I must say that she did me quite a favor. Now my baby no longer cries at night and we sleep all serene.

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  • Lucia, 32 years old

    I’m a 21-month-old boy’s mum. In recent months it often happened that my baby had a very flushed butt. I tried all of them: various pharmacy creams, Vaseline, the old olive oil… but the healing was very slow. Then I found Oleum Repair and after only seven days of application at every diaper change my baby’s skin was soft and silky again.

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  • Giulio, 48 years old

    I use Oleum REPAIR regularly after each barbecue with friends. I’m the fire clerk and I get some sunburn punctually. With Oleum REPAIR the next morning I no longer have that annoying burning sensation on my arms.

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  • Diego, 42 years old

    I am a fishmonger and in winter my hands are always sore because of cuts on the fingertips. Now with Oleum REPAIR the cuts are just a memory. I use it regularly throughout year and I always bring it with me to work.

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